Lil Goodness

Energy Booster Box

Rs. 399

An extra boost of energy ideal for playtime!!

With a right balance of calories coming from healthy carbohydrates as well as protein and healthy fats and daily dose of prebiotic fiber along with essential vitamins and minerals, this carefully curated collection of snacks energizes kids to tackle childhood head-on!!

With 7 different snack packages, one for each day of the week, treat your child and family to delicious and healthy treats with no daily repeats!!

Loved one snack a Lil too much? Customise future subscriptions by adding or removing snacks of your choice!!

Also includes a personalised nutrition consultation with expert nutritionists to help you understand the diet to keep your kids safe during these COVID times.

Contain zero trans-fat, artificial flavour and chemical preservatives. 100% Vegetarian

Available only through limited invite offers. Ping 8095432034 on WhatsApp for exclusive invite only offers!




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