Lil Goodness

My Father's Goodness Box

Rs. 999

Remember the multiple gifts that you got from your father when you were LiL'?

It is time to return the goodness to you father, this Father's day treat your dad with our immunity boosting goodness box for her good health during COVID times. The box contains -

  • Box of 20 Natural B12 Jaggery Sachets: give her the daily dose of Vitamin B12 which boosts blood cells, energy levels and reduces the risk of anaemia.
  • One each of Teff Crackle 72% and Teff Crackle 57%, 90g chocolates: the world's first prebiotic teff chocolates which contain immunity boosters Iron and Vitamin C derived from supergrain teff.
  • Gut Health boosting Prebiotic chocolates: stimulates the good bacteria in your intestine to improve absorption of nutrients to boost immunity, in four different flavors of Milk, 56% Dark, 56% Dark Orange Peel & 56% Dark Ginger 35g - 1 of each flavor.
  • The perfect daily dose of Goodness for your mother's good health during these times.


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