Assorted Mini Prebiotic Chocolates Pack of 18 | 228gm

Assorted Mini Prebiotic Chocolates Pack of 18 | 228gm
Assorted Mini Prebiotic Chocolates Pack of 18 | 228gm
Assorted Mini Prebiotic Chocolates Pack of 18 | 228gm
Assorted Mini Prebiotic Chocolates Pack of 18 | 228gm

Assorted Mini Prebiotic Chocolates Pack of 18 | 228gm

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  • Tummy-friendly chocolates with naturally extracted prebiotic fibre
  • 3x more fibre than a regular dark chocolate
  • Lower sugar spikes
  • Made with cocoa butter and not vegetable oil
  • Milk chocolate is with the power of turmeric
  • Teff is rich in protein, iron, zinc and vitamin C
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Customer Reviews

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Rec'd all chocolate in warm condition.packets were very soft n melted. informed this my mail same day but no response

Madhura Moitra
Happy and satisfied with a zest to know more!

I personally enjoyed all the 3 flavours , out of which the Teff and quinoa crackle was the best! I couldn't even make out the difference between the regular ones and the products from your side! Just a small request.. it would be very helpful if you could start providing the details of the sugars used and their content in more detail just like you have emphasized on the prebiotic components.. also a friendly suggestion would be to maybe price the chocolates a little lesser so that more people can afford these easily!
All in all, super happy with the products recieved!

Sudip Halder
Test not good...

Test not good

Sachin verma

Assorted Mini Prebiotic Chocolates Pack of 18 | 228gm

Ashu Bawa


This pack is perfect for tiny hunger pangs! Each chocolate is sized perfectly to be consumed whole at once. Get this pack to stash in your work desk’s drawer and fight unhealthy cravings by indulging in the goodness of prebiotics, turmeric, and teff one at a time.

What are Prebiotics?
Prebiotics are plant fibres that act as a fuel for the good bacteria in our gut. They improve digestion, absorption of nutrients and overall gut functions while helping ward off illnesses. We use Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) as our prebiotic ingredient. These are plant fibres extracted from soybeans, papaya, and citrus fruits. It is indigestible, thus causing no blood sugar spikes. It travels intact to the large intestine where they support the growth of healthy bacteria. 

Its subtle sweetness and health benefits make our dark chocolate perfectly palatable for the entire family, keeping everyone healthy & happy.

What do you get?

6N x Prebiotic Dark Chocolate
6N x Prebiotic Milk Chocolate with Turmeric
6N x Supergrain Crackle 56% Dark Chocolate

Prebiotic Dark Chocolate
Cocoa Solids, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, FOS (fructo-oligosaccharide) 5%, Emulsifier (INS 322)
Contains Added Artificial Flavour (Vanillin)

Prebiotic Milk Chocolate with Turmeric
Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk Solids (24%), Cocoa Mass, FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharide) {5%}, Milk solid, Emulsifiers (INS 322), Turmeric Extract.
Contains Added Artificial Flavour (Vanillin)

Supergrain Crackle 56% Dark Chocolate
Cocoa Solids, sugar,  Cocoa Butter), Teff crispy(8%)( Teff & Quinoa(50%), jowar bajra, Ragi,  Rice) , Fructo-oligosaccharide(5%), Emulsifier (INS 322).
Contain added Artificial flavour vanilla.

Contains Soy Ingredients. Processed on equipment also used to process products containing milk, wheat & tree nuts.

Manufactured By
Buttercup Chocolate Pvt Ltd, 48/9, 2nd Floor, Singasandra Industrial Area, Hosur Road, Bangalore - 560068, Karnataka, India

Marketed By
Happytizers Private Limited, S3/301 Greenwood Regency, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore-560035