Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Dark chocolates a little sweeter than they should be for dark chocolates?

The prebiotic ingredient that we add to our chocolates, Fructo-Oligosaccharide (FOS), has 30-50% of the sweetness of sugar, causing the dark chocolates to be sweeter than usual. However, our gut cannot process FOS as per its prebiotic nature, which means the sugar spike from it is far less, and they support the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

What are the possible uses of Teff grain and Teff flour?

Teff has a nutty and earthy flavour and the small size of its grains adds a wonderful crunch to food. Teff flour can be added to regular flour to make chapattis, pancakes, cakes, cookies etc. more nutritious. Teff grain can be toasted and added to smoothies, shakes, muffins etc. to add a nutty crunch.

How is B12 Jaggery different from regular Jaggery?

The Lil’ Goodness B12 jaggery uses palm Jaggery, and can meet the ‘Recommended Dietary Allowance’ of B12 with just one sachet. It uses a new food processing technique called Micro-encapsulation. Vitamin B12 is a volatile and sensitive nutrient that can succumb to degradation when exposed to external conditions. Micro-encapsulation protects and stabilises the nutrient, ensuring adequate shelf-life without the loss of B12, parallel to facilitating a controlled release of B12 in our body. 

Where do you deliver?

We deliver all across India.

Is Cash-On-Delivery (COD) supported?

Yes, we support COD. Shipping is free for COD (Cash on Delivery) above Rs. 500/-. For COD orders below Rs. 500/- a flat shipping fee of Rs. 40/- is applicable. 

Do you add any preservatives to your products?

We do not add any artificial colouring, additives or chemical preservatives to our foods.

Are your products recyclable?

At Lil’Goodness, sustainability is extremely important to us and we are continuously striving towards it. We are proud to say that all our plastic packaging is environment-friendly and recyclable.

Will the chocolates melt during transit?

Our chocolates have a lower melting point since we use cocoa butter and not vegetable oil; however, we include frozen gel packs in the shipping process to ensure the chocolates don’t melt.

Why is there a whitish layer on the chocolate?

The natural prebiotic fibres that we use in our chocolate cause the occasional buildup of a whitish layer on top of the chocolates. However, as the various lab tests we have conducted prove, this does not affect the taste or safety of the chocolates in any way.

When the chocolate is exposed to  warm temperature, the warm chocolate softens the cocoa butter  which is present in chocolate,separating it from other ingredients. This fat rises on the surface when chocolate solidifies and this is called fat bloom. However this chocolate is totally safe to consume since it is a non-perishable food.

What’s the best way to store the chocolates?

The ideal conditions for the chocolates to be stored in are in a refrigerator below a temperature of 18°C.