What products are available?

We have an exciting line up of products for your lil’ ones. Check out our product listing page.

What are Prebiotic Chocolates?

Our digestive tract consists of colonies of bacteria which aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients. Prebiotics are substances which promote the growth of these microbes. Our prebiotic chocolates use Fructo-Oligosaccharides as the prebiotic ingredient.

Why are Dark chocolates a little sweeter than they should be for dark chocolates?

The prebiotic ingredient that we add to our chocolates, known as Fructo-Oligosaccharide (FOS) has 30-50% the sweetness of sugar causing the sweeter taste of the chocolates. However, FOS is not broken down in our gut this means that the sugar rush from it is far less than normal chocolates, as well as the calories.

What is Teff?

Teff is a foodgrain that originates from East Africa. Unlike other foodgrains it is rich in protein, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9, and vitamin C. Its also rich in minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and phosphorus while being gluten free. Our Teff snacks are made from this superfood and bring its rich nutrient value to tasty but otherwise empty calories.

What are the possible uses of Teff grain and Teff flour?

Teff has a nutty and earthy flavour and the small size of its grains adds a wonderful crunch to food. Teff flour can be added to regular flour to make chapattis, pancakes, cakes, cookies etc. more nutritious. Teff grain can be toasted and added to smoothies, shakes, muffins etc. to add a nutty crunch.

How is B12 Jaggery different from regular Jaggery?

Lil'Goodness B12 jaggery uses Palm Jaggery. It also uses a new technology in its processing called “Microencapsulation” which traps the naturally occurring vitamin B12 on the surface of the jaggery helping us regulate the amount of vitamin B12.

Not all jaggery is created equal. Not all jaggery is processed correctly.
Lil'Goodness B12 jaggery guarantees a reliable source of vitamin B12.

What vegan products do you have?

With the exception of Choco-Makhana and the milk chocolates, ALL our products are vegan.

Where all do you deliver? Is Cash-on-delivery supported?

We deliver our products all across India and we accept Cash On Delivery depending on COVID restrictions .

What makes LiL’Goodness different?

We believe that our Lil ones should be offered a balanced range of foods and flavours. Our products help them experience different flavours as part of a range of foods that are balanced nutritionally, helping young kids explore as they develop their taste buds. We work to ensure that we use the best quality ingredients from sources we trust, and include herbs and spices into most of our recipes, helping children transition to family foods. Our ethos goes beyond producing the most flavoursome and nutritious food. We believe we have a commitment, to give back to society, and support parents in delivering health, nutrition and happiness to their children.

Do you add any preservatives to your products? What is their shelf life? What is the basis for the claims made?

We do not add any artificial colouring, additives or chemical preservatives to our foods. Our products have a shelf life of 6 months and all products are lab tested after being processed for an accurate nutrient analysis.

Where can I find LiL’Goodness products?

Lil Goodness products are available in 200+ stores across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad as well as Amazon and BigBasket.

Do you cater to kids with allergies?

Yes, we do. Our ingredients are declared on the product listing page and on our Lil’ goodness products.

Are your products recyclable?

At Lil’ Goodness, sustainability is extremely important to us and we are continuously striving towards it. We are proud to say that all our plastic packaging is environment-friendly and recyclable.

Will the chocolates melt during transit?

Our chocolates have a lower melting point; however, we include frozen gel packs in the shipping process to ensure the chocolates don’t melt.

Why is there a whitish layer on the chocolate?

The natural prebiotic fibers that we use in our chocolate cause the occasional buildup of a whitish layer on top of the chocolates. However, as the various lab tests we have conducted prove, this does not affect the taste or safety of the chocolates in any way.

What’s the best way to store the chocolates?

The ideal conditions for the chocolates to be stored in are in a refrigerator below a temperature of 18°C.