Born from the passion to bring a change...

in the nutrition of future generations through yummy and healthy food options, we are on a mission to bring a daily dose of Goodness to millions of kids.

Because we believe that our future generations should be smarter, healthier, and stronger. The team at LiL'Goodness comes with extensive healthcare and wellness experience, we have seen how goodness at an early stage can help avoid health issues at a later stage of our lives.

Through our combined experiences we have seen how bad eating habits can lead to chronic issues at a later stage of our life. As parents ourselves, we are passionate that we impact millions to fill key nutrition gaps of Vitamins, Minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Zinc, and healthy carbohydrates in our country.

Lil Goodness also believes healthy choices need not compromise on taste. Therefore we fit the Goodness of fruits, vegetables, and cereals into yummy foods