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Host Our Marvel Playzone

Host Our Marvel Playzone

by LilGoodness Store
Lil Goodness & Disney Present The Marvel Playzone

Each of the Disney and Marvel characters brings a certain Goodness which deeply resonates with what LiL’Goodness stands for as a brand. Lil’Goodness has launched Marvel and Disney characters inspired nutritious snacks to help prod kids, teenagers, and even adults embrace healthy eating habits.

The Marvel Playzone designed by Lil'goodness is a fun lil' game for your teammates to feel like the avengers themselves. So host us at your office or any venue and channel the power of goodness to start playing!

Step 1 of the Game:

Spin the wheel of fun and land on a particular game then proceed to our booth conducting that game. The 3 simple and fun games are:
  • Assemble & win
  • Match the weapon
  • Avengers Twister

Game 1- Assemble & Win

This is our hot selling game. Our chocolates have a unique on pack innovation, where the pack assembles into a Superhero character as a collectible item, thereby enabling reuse of 80% of the package, significantly improving the sustainability impact of each pack. We will be keeping a scoreboard of how much time each player takes to cut out the DIY elements & assemble the character. the one with the least time wins a hamper.

Game 2- Match the Weapon

Each avenger has a weapon that has chosen them according to their virtues. If you are a true marvel fan, you would know which weapon belongs to which Avenger, all you have to do is pin the right weapon on every avenger.

Why should you do this event?
  • Employee engagement
  • Bring people back to office
  • Making office more fun
  • Reminisce the nostalgia of watching marvel movies
  • Instill a sense of togetherness

What do you need to do for this event?

All you have to do is:
  • Call your teammates to office,
  • Provide us with a space large enough to place the games &
  • A total time slot of 3-6 hours so that we can include all the participants
  • If possible, provide us with support staff to carry our inventory & collaterals
The event is free of cost.

What will we provide for this event?
  • We will provide gift hampers for all the winners which can be distributed by the hr team
  • We will be bringing along all the printed collaterals & elements of the games. The whole setup will be taken care of by our team
  • We will putting up a small kiosk with our marvel range of chocolates at a discounted price exclusively for your teammates

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