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The Mommy Testimony!

The Mommy Testimony!

by LilGoodness Store
Hey Mommy,

I am just another mommy like you, looking for ways to decipher this challenging puzzle called MOM. Because I'm far from perfection, I am constantly looking for answers to these persistent, almost endless challenges daily while trying to live up to the unrealistically high pedestal of motherhood. Every time I come across the phrase, “MOM approved”, I wonder if being a mom automatically gives you the power of precision with what is healthy & suitable for your child. Well, to be honest, the fiddle-footed person that I am, I can never be sure when it comes to what's good for my child. Hence, this blog attempts to build a tribe of imperfect but real mommies who have not all the answers but consistently look for holistic solutions to twisted kid problems. The blog means to manifest a community of mommies who intend to build an approach to parenting that is deliberate and rooted in information, especially nutritional needs. From mommy to mommy, I’m sure I don’t need to press on the importance of building healthy eating and snacking habits for a long healthy life.

Lil’Goodness is a brand that stands as a Mom’s nutrition partner, and through this article, I work as a bridge between moms and the brand to help transform the ways our children snack collectively. Healthy snacking is crucial for children but a very tedious task too. It’s difficult to persuade them to agree to a bowl full of fox nuts or a plate of ragi pancakes. We need a sustainable fix to not only stave off their hunger but also, to address several micronutrient deficiencies. This brand promises to aid the nutrition problem of children through exciting snacking options made with natural veggies and fruits fortified with essential nutrients.

I invite you to explore Lil’Goodness with me- The Naptime Blogger. Why this name? Well, when else does a mom get some time off? Now, before my baby wakes up from his nap time, let me quickly get to the point- Prebiotic Chocolates. If you haven’t heard of Prebiotics, don’t be alarmed. Lil’ Goodness has a blog article to clarify all your questions.

Who is Lil’Goodness? They are the first brand to launch chocolate like this. In fact, all their products contain Prebiotics. It is the Prebiotics that makes their products a catalyst for gut health. These chocolates are made with single-origin cocoa and comprise a natural sweetener and organic prebiotic compound- Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS).
FOS is extracted from soybeans, papaya, and citrus fruits. It improves gut health, aids digestion, and boosts absorption of Vitamins & Minerals. Rich in fibre, these chocolates help fuel the good bacteria in the gut.

While you cannot- rather, should not completely cut off your child from sweets, if something sweet can also have added health benefits, I think it’s worth a shot. The prebiotic chocolates are a Lil’Goodness bestseller.

Meet you over another blog soon!

With lots of love,

Shikha Patial
Naptime Blogger and mommy to a 3-year-old.

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