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Meet Our All New Sustainable Disney Packs!

Meet Our All New Sustainable Disney Packs!

by LilGoodness Store

You might have seen our new chocolate packaging with Marvel Avengers on them! Not only do these packs look good but they are also sustainable by design. Lil’Goodness steered away from the plastic gifts big chocolate corporations give to people and stuck to their commitment towards sustainability by providing an on pack innovation.

So, what’s this innovation? When you open Lil’Goodness Marvel range of chocolates, you find a superhero and their universe inside. No separate paper is used for this. Rather, we have used the packaging itself to convert into a DIY collectible. This makes 80% of the pack reusable and sustainable. You can keep this collectible on your desk to remind you of the power of goodness within you.

All you have to do is pop out the superhero and its pedestal. Then, you have to cut out the background with the help of scissors and assemble the superhero. That’s how you will have your own DIY collectible Avenger.

That’s not all, we are running a Fastest Fingers First contest for our Marvel chocolates. By keeping a leaderboard of who assembles the entire DIY collectible the fastest, we are announcing winners weekly who will be awarded a prize for their efforts. Moreover, you can mint points, earn cashback, and stand a chance to win an Ipad by collecting all the Avengers in our range.

So, collect them all and win even more prizes! What are you waiting for? Go order your Lil’Goodness Marvel range of chocolates now.

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